Group of youth and their leaders standing in front of a house in southwest Detroit

YouthBuild and the MiWealth (Formerly Southwest Economic Solutions) cleaned up the lot of a house in southwest Detroit. 

YouthBuild Cleans Up Yard

On Friday, October 6th, the students in the MiWealth YouthBuild program spent their morning doing an outdoor clean up. The 6 students worked together to cut through towering weeds and overgrowth to prepare the house for construction.

 YouthBuild teaches these young adults many useful life skills. Not only are they doing outdoor clean up, but they are also learning how to create a resume and ace an interview. They are gaining knowledge and skills in construction, electrical, HVAC, and so much more. 

Over the course of 6 months, the students will learn valuable skills which they can take out into the world and find a job that they are passionate about.

Mela and Jai
Mela and Jai participating in the clean up.

Mela is one of the students who is dedicated to learning something new every day. She has already graduated with her college degree, but she is excited to learn more hands-on skills.

 “If you have a skill, it can’t be taken away from you.” 

Not only did Mela join YouthBuild, but she also recruited one of her friends to join too. Jai joined YouthBuild because Mela convinced him to come and learn some new skills with her.

 This program is building a community of students who support one another and are excited to learn and grow together.

Thank you to our sponsors:

The Skillman Foundation, Department of Labor, and YouthBuild