Maria works hard to make sure her kids have everything they need, but hard work is not always enough

You Can Help Children Reach Their Dreams

Maria works hard to make sure that her kids have everything they need, but hard work is not always enough. 

Since 2017, Maria has been bringing her family to the Back to School Bash and getting the backpacks and school supplies that they need to succeed. 

Children who show up prepared on the first day of school are more likely to succeed, and Maria knows the importance of that.

Donations like yours can mean a world of difference to a child and their future. Can they count on YOU? 

Not only do they get supplies they need at the Back to School Bash, they also have access to resources which can be useful throughout the entire school year.

Maria uses Children, Youth and Family outpatient services, parent support partner services, and is a member of the Spanish support group. Taking advantage of the resources that are provided helps ensure that herself and her children have what they need.

 “Even if you don’t need the backpack, there are so many other resources available.” 

Maria volunteers to help stuff backpacks every year and reflects on the gratitude she feels for all of the donations.

“First and foremost, I want to say thank you. Thank you for donating… Thank you for all of the support you have given us since 2017.”

Your gift of a backpack full of supplies TODAY could mean a brighter tomorrow for a student in your community. 

Are you ready to change lives?

Maria's daughters, her oldest graduating in part due to past supplies donated to their family from this event.