Melodi Lithouhi and Neikia McKnight

Southwest Solutions' Melodi Litkouhi (left). Cornerstone Program Manager, and Neikia McKnight, Outpatient and School-Based Manager

Two Supervisors Recognized for Outstanding Service To Youth

Congratulations to Melodi Litkouhi and Neikia McKnight for recently receiving Spotlight Recognition Awards from the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN). Melodi and Neikia are both program supervisors in Southwest Solutions’ Children, Youth and Families division. Melodi is our Cornerstone Program Manager. Neikia is our Outpatient and School-Based Manager. The DWIHN awards recognize outstanding performance, organizational abilities, creativity and teamwork.

Melodi was nominated by two colleagues, who wrote:

  • “Melodi is highly trained, readily available, deeply compassionate, and wonderful to work with in all capacities. She rarely complains, and advocates diligently on behalf of her clients and for staff needs.”
  • “Melodi is an exceptional manager. She organizes everything so well. She never makes anyone feel that they don’t have her support. She is attentive, caring, and kind. She is always there to give a helping hand. She knows how to respond to any situation with class and professionalism. She goes out of her way to volunteer for events that will help the community. She is exactly what a manager should be. She does an amazing job, and I would consider her a mentor.”

“It felt wonderful to receive the Spotlight Award and hear positive feedback from the people I work with,” Melodi said. “I am happy to know my staff and colleagues appreciate me. Thank you DWIHN for creating a space and opportunity for our hard work to be recognized!”

Neikia was also nominated by two colleagues. They wrote:

  • “Neikia is incredibly helpful, resourceful, welcoming, thorough, and knowledgeable. She is an outstanding team player. She has been manager over the school-based and outpatient programs for several months, and goes above and beyond with her job responsibilities. She is helpful and available to staff, goes out of her way to help staff feel welcomed, makes sure they have what they need, and takes time to hear them out. Neikia also supports other managers whenever she can and is a team player. She shines a light wherever she goes!”
  • “Neikia has been the most supportive, informed and available supervisor I have ever had. This last year was very hard for me but never did I feel like Neikia was not there for me. She helped lift my spirits and motivation every time we talked and reminded me that ‘this, too, shall pass.’ I cannot say enough about her!”

“It is an honor to be the recipient of the Spotlight Recognition Award,” Neikia said. “I sincerely thank my colleagues for recognizing my strengths and proudly accepts this award as a mark of professional achievement. Teamwork!”