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Southwest Solutions Helps YOU Become a Homeowner

At Southwest Solutions we offer services and programs designed to assist you on your journey to buying a home. We identify where you are in the homebuying process and provide you a roadmap to guide you through everything from qualifying for a mortgage loan, to accessing downpayment assistance, to protecting your investment for the long term.

To access all of our programs and services, click here to get started:  Start Your Journey Now!

Are you already working with a lender, have found a home and need the Homebuyer Education Certificate for qualify for down payment assistance?

Our on-line education through eHomeAmerica is available 24/7. Click here to sign up.

We offer a in-person homebuyer education course once a month. Click here to sign up.

Ready to Buy a Home?

Develop Your Roadmap to homeownership by attending one of Southwest Solutions’ HUD-certified and MSHDA-approved Homebuyer’s Classes and participate in Pre-Purchase Counseling.

Attend class in person or enroll online.

Online e-home training costs $99. Click here to sign up.

Full-day classroom training is currently free, but registration is required. Classes are held monthly at 1600 Porter Street, Detroit MI 48216 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Click here to sign up.

Here’s what you’ll do in the Homebuyer Education Class:

  • Evaluate your finances to determine an affordable home purchase price and loan amount for your budget.
  • Learn about different loan products and how to evaluate which one best suits your home purchase needs.
  • Understand the process of buying a home so you can avoid pitfalls and feel confident at each decision point.
  • Position yourself to protect your investment for the long term.
  • Learn if you are eligible for available programs for down payment and closing costs assistance programs.
  • After the class, sign up for your Individualized Pre-Purchase Counseling appointment.

Here’s what you’ll do in the Individualized Pre-Purchase Counseling:

  • Complete a thorough budget to determine the total mortgage payment you can sustain long-term.
  • Calculate your debt-to-income ratio—the way a lender will—to get an estimate of how much mortgage you could get approved for.
  • Model different payment scenarios based on different loan amounts, products, terms, and assistance programs you are eligible for.
  • Discuss questions that pertain to your particular situation.
  • Develop an Action Plan to guide you along your next steps.
  • Counseling is available only after taking the 8-hour First-Time Homebuyer’s Class.

Want to own a home one day but not quite ready?

Prepare your finances as a foundation step towards homeownership by attending our Homebuyer Prep Program. We also provide a two Credit Building Workshops each month, which are open to the community.

Class schedules vary. Registration is required. Please visit visit our website to learn more and register for a class. If you have any questions, please call 313.841.9641.

Here’s what you’ll do in the Homebuyer Prep Workshop:

  • Receive a customized financial “roadmap” that details your current financial profile, and areas for improvement.
  • You will receive your credit report and learn how to analyze it.
  • Review strategies that will help increase your savings.
  • Discuss popular debt reduction strategies.
  • Learn about best practices for balancing and managing monthly budgets.
  • Draft dispute or validation letters for debts in order to remove them from your credit report.
  • Receive instructions on navigating legal aid services to address unfair collection practices, child support payments, tax liens and garnishments.

Here’s what you’ll learn at our optional Credit Building Workshops, which are provided in Brightmoor and Southwest Detroit.

  • Overview of general credit topics.
  • Learn about how credit is calculated and how to access a credit report.
  • Create debt reduction strategies to address debts found on a credit report.
  • Discuss best practices in identity theft protection.



Of the 703 homes in Detroit purchased with mortgages in 2016, our homeownership programs assisted with 10%

Through our homebuyer education workshops, our Detroit HomeLIFT program, or our partnership with Detroit Home Mortgage.

Southwest Solutions was honored as MSHDA’s Housing Education Program Agency of the Year in 2015.
Teresa Torres, our Pre-Purchase and Homebuyer Education Counselor, was named MSHDA’s Housing Counselor of the Year in 2016.
More than 80% of the participants in our Homebuyer Education and Financial Capabilities workshops rate their experience as “excellent,” and 90% say that they would refer family or friends to the workshops.
Our homeownership and mortgage lending programs have helped nearly 800 families to become homeowners.


Please visit visit our website to learn more and register for a class. If you have further questions, please email Olga or call her at 313.297.0095.


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