Southwest Solutions is recognized as a model of
integrated services and neighborhood revitalization.


Southwest Solutions has pursued its mission to help build a stronger and healthier
community since 1972. We provide a broad range of programs in the areas of
human development, economic development, and community engagement. These three areas
together form a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy and effort that impacts

more than 25,000 people a year

empowering people and

improving community

There are many different ways to support our
nonprofit organization, through your gift of funds,
time, ideas or advocacy to help those we serve.

Your financial donation helps

the community’s most vulnerable members



You Will Become

“You Will Become” profiles Sharrod and Sarah, two young people in Detroit recovering from childhood trauma and parental abandonment. Sharrod and Sarah receive counseling and…


Solutions at Sunrise 2015

We host one fundraiser a year called Solutions at Sunrise. This one-hour breakfast event is unlike any fundraising event you’ve ever attended. Built around the…


Southwest ELC 2015 Back to School Fair

Nearly 600 parents and children attended our Southwest Early Learning Communities (ELC) 2015 Back to School Fair. The free event was sponsored by the United…

Southwest Counseling Solutions

Southwest Counseling Solutions encompasses a broad range of programs for children, youth, adults and families.

Southwest Housing Solutions

Southwest Housing Solutions is a leader in the planning, development and management of affordable housing and commercial property.

Southwest Economic Solutions

Southwest Economic Solutions provides opportunities for individuals and families to achieve greater economic success.

Administrative Services Organization

Our Administrative Services Organization (ASO) supports the overall corporate activities of Southwest Solutions.

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