Juvenile Justice and Youth Assistance


Juvenile Justice and Youth Assistance

Our program is a collaboration with Bridgeway Services, a Care Management Organization (CMO) that was created by Southwest Counseling Solutions and The Guidance Center. Bridgeway is a contract agency for the Wayne County Department of Children and Family Services to provide services to adjudicated and at-risk youth in southwest Detroit.

We provide care coordination services working closely with juvenile court, families, youth, schools, community based agencies, and family supports. Our staff provides effective skills training, links youth and their families with resources, monitors youth compliance, supervises progress, and reports outcomes to the court.

Because juvenile delinquency often has social, psychiatric and substance-abuse causes, we connect each youth with the necessary support services to address these issues. At the same time, we empower youth to understand that he or she must be self-responsible and disciplined to succeed.


  • Community Based Services for youth placed in the community focuses on linking and referring to needed services and resources and providing social support and monitoring
  • Residential Services for youth placed in out-of-home care focuses on monitoring the quality and continuity of care and planning for community reintegration
  • Our staff provides effective skills training, links youth and their families with resources, monitors youth compliance, supervises progress, and reports outcomes to the court
  • Wraparound approach creates an individualized plan to serve youth and their families by enhancing their strengths
  • Leadership training and peer education programs teach and encourage youth to become leaders and advocates, mentor other teens facing similar problems, and plan and implement constructive community events
  • Youth Groups
    • C.H.Y.L (Creating Healthy Youth Leaders) Zone is a peer-lead group that allows youth to interact in a positive supportive environment
    • BARJ (Balanced and Restorative Justice) is a group facilitated by our Prevention program that teaches adjudicated youth the principles of restorative justice and implements a community project


We believe in a system that puts youth and families first

We realize that helping someone change his or her life must involve enhancing important relationships so that they become healthier and more constructive. We also realize that each situation is different, and we focus and draw upon the unique strengths of each youth and his or her family.

Juvenile justice program served 213 youth referred by juvenile court in 2014
Community-based programs are also far more cost-effective and, ultimately, benefit the public safety
Studies consistently show that community-based rehabilitative programs for adjudicated youth are far more effective in helping youth avoid future involvement with the justice system than institutional corrective programs


We offer free transportation to and from the program, located at 5716 Michigan Avenue, Detroit 48210. The number is 313.963.2266. For more information about the program, please call or email us.


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