Winter Ball for Cornerstone youth

February 26th, 2013
Porcha Baker, 19, (left) and Tyuanna Fulgham, 15, are sisters. "I really was looking forward to coming tonight because I never went to prom, and I feel like I missed out," Porcha said. Porcha is completing her GED now. She wants to go to college and study psychology. "I've never been to a fancy ball and never have had a dress like this," said Tyaunna, who is a freshman at Consortium College Preparatory High School in Detroit. The dress that Tyaunna wore was donated to Southwest Solutions for the event.

Our Cornerstone program held a special “prom” or Winter Ball last Friday night for the youth it assists. Cornerstone helps young people in systems of care – like mental health, foster care, or juvenile justice – integrate into their communities and lead productive lives as they transition to adulthood.

Santa Acevedo, a Cornerstone peer support specialist, proposed the idea of the prom, and youth in the program responded enthusiastically. “A lot of youth that we serve don’t have a chance to go to prom, and I thought it would be a good idea to have an event that’s like prom so they could get out, dress up, have fun, and feel good about themselves,” Santa said. I’ve been through the Juvenile Justice system myself, and Southwest Solutions helped me get my life together and move forward. So, I know what these young people are going through.”

A dozen youth attended the Winter Ball on February 22 at the UAW Local 22 Hall in southwest Detroit. The event featured a DJ, dancing, food and decorations.

Because many of the youth could not afford the dress clothes for the event, a call went out to Southwest Solutions staff to donate items. More than 20 prom dresses were collected, as well as men’s dress clothes and shoes, and other items

The event proved to be enjoyable and engaging, with youth asking, at the end of the evening, if they could organize a similar celebration again.

To see the Facebook photo essay: Winter Ball for Cornerstone youth.

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