Volunteers assemble Weekend Survival Kits for two schools

February 28th, 2018
Volunteers assemble Weekend Survival Kits at Westminster Church of Detroit. With Weekend Survival Kits: Cami Shadaker, Jillaine Eaton and Jeff Gorsline. Veterans residing at Piquette Square: Marcus Cobb, Don Rand, Tom Froude, Sabina Jones and Kevin Radike. In the middle is Chery Allen, Manager of Volunteer Services at Southwest Solutions

Volunteers put together Weekend Survival Kits for families at Harms Elementary and Ann Arbor Trail Magnet School in Detroit. Both schools are part of Southwest Solutions’ Community Schools program. The volunteers included staff with Weekend Survival Kits and five veterans from our Piquette Square. The “kits” are bags of food items that families can use to prepare meals on weekends, when children might otherwise go hungry.

The volunteers assembled the kits at Westminster Church of Detroit. If you would like to volunteer for this initiative, please contact Chery Allen at 313-297-1377 or callen@swsol.org.

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