Two new homeowners through our Newberry initiative!

December 19th, 2019
Southwest Solutions' Teresa Torres, new homeowner Ruth Gonzalez, and Southwest Solutions' Todd Burk. Teresa is a homebuyer and financial counselor who was instrumental helping Ruth. Todd heads our Southwest Lending Solutions and helped Ruth arrange her mortgage financing.

Congratulations to the newest homeowners through our Newberry affordable homeownership program! Ruth Gonzalez and Vickie Powell closed on their homes this week. They are the 15th and 16th families, respectively, who were once renting their houses in the Newberry neighborhood, which is part of Chadsey-Condon in southwest Detroit, and who now own them.

Ruth works for an auto supplier and has two girls in elementary school. “It’s so nice to have a place of my own that I can pass along to my children,” said Ruth, who is from Puerto Rico. “I want my daughters to continue their education, become professionals, and fulfill the American Dream. One wants to be a pilot and the other wants to be a veterinarian.”

Vickie’s monthly mortgage payments, including taxes and insurance, will be $135 less than she had been paying in rent. Two grown sons and two grandchildren live with her. “This is first home I’ve owned in my life and I am one happy soul!” said Vickie, who is 60. She and her son Antonio co-signed the closing papers.

Southwest Solutions is transitioning 60 former rental properties to affordable homeownership in Newberry. The initiative is supported through a generous donation from the Sam L. and Judith G. Yaker Fund.

Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan, an association of home builders and remodelers, awarded grant funds to Southwest Solutions that were used to make needed repairs on Vickie’s home.

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