Third annual Piquette Palooza

June 28th, 2013
Dancing at Piquette Palooza (left to right): Earl McGlory, Henry Bell, Odester Lawrence, Cheryl Phillips, Chery Allen, Ruben LeBlanc, Rafat Mohamed, Gail Potratz and Eric Patterson.

The annual celebration affectionately known as “Piquette Palooza” is a signature event at Piquette Square for Veterans. It is sponsored by Masco Corporation, and it is a day that Piquette tenants and staff always anticipate.

“Piquette Palooza begins our summer,” said Thimothy Johnson, a Piquette veteran who has attended all three Paloozas. “We wait all year for it and the best part is that we can all come together to visit, share a meal, and just hang out with each other. Seeing our Masco friends is a good thing, too.”

Like the previous Paloozas, Masco brought to the table this year a full-course dinner, games, gifts, music and more to create a festive and congenial atmosphere. About 150 people attended the event on June 18, including Piquette veterans and their family members, more than 30 Masco employers and their family members, and Southwest Solutions staff. To support Piquette Palooza, Masco employees contributed through Masco ROCKS (Reaching Out with Compassion, Kindness and Service).

One thing that was different this year was the presence of a karaoke system instead of a live band. The band was certainly missed, but the karaoke was a big hit, too.

“One thing the karaoke showed was that we have some talented and some not so talented singers in the building,” said Chery Allen, Veterans and Volunteer Resource Facilitator at Piquette Square. “My husband told me not to quit my day job! But seriously, we cannot thank the Masco ROCKS team enough. Piquette Palooza never loses its pizzazz.”

Although Piquette Palooza is a thoroughly fun event, it has value for the formerly homeless veterans well beyond it festive nature, according to Lisa Todd, Residential Services Coordinator at Piquette Square.

“Many of the new tenants were finally meeting their neighbors and interacting with others by playing the yard games and dancing,” said Lisa. “Though that may seem like a small step, it’s actually a big deal. The Piquette support staff give lots of thanks and praise for small steps, for these steps are essential to help the veterans rebuild their lives and reintegrate into the community.”

The MASCO volunteers included:

Timothy Wadhams, President and CEO at Masco Corporation
Cheryl Phillips, Vice President-Masco Corporation Foundation
Sue Sabo, Manager of Corporate Communications at Masco
Joe Alfieri
Cathy Bacha
Kim Bufalini
Tondria Canty
Carole Chevillet
Mike Cody
Margo Davydova
Robert DeWitte
Bonita Felder
Tracy Givens-McLeod
Colleen Hamlin
Marie Heshczuk
Pam Lindman
Sheila Manson
Jamie McDaniel
Rafat Mohamed
Diane Molesky
Faith O’Neal
Melissa Poindexter
Gail Potratz
Tim Pulice
Christine Sexton
Jai Shah
Renee Straber
Sam Smith
John Sznewajs
Todd Wieczorek
Kim Yapchai

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