Supportive housing clients celebrate their accomplishments

September 27th, 2018
Clinical Housing Specialists Nicole Buccalo and Greg Ware (standing) with supportive housing clients Wayne Burton, Greg White and Midge Ridgway (all seated). The clients all live at Southwest Solutions' Wilshire apartment building in southwest Detroit.

Our Housing Resource Center (HRC) held a special celebration to recognize the accomplishments of supportive housing clients. These individuals were once homeless until housed through the efforts of the HRC. They receive ongoing support services from HRC Clinical Housing Specialists to help them remain housed and connect with the care and resources they need.

For the celebration, each of the 13 specialists invited clients who have achieved important personal goals, such as improved mental health, improved income, family unification, community involvement, and more.

Clinical Housing Specialist Natalie Savoy (second from left) with supportive housing clients Tatyana Williams, Shirlene Smith, and Todd Johnson.

Shirlene, 48, moved into her own apartment at the beginning of the year after being homeless for 18 months, during which she lived in shelters and abandoned buildings. Shirlene says that her housing situation had been unstable since 2000 because of abusive relationships that she had to flee. Shirlene receives counseling for PTSD and depression. “My mental health has improved dramatically since I got my own place,” Shirlene says. “I am a tragedy and triumph for real.”

Shirlene hopes to start her own small business making jewelry from recycled materials. She likes to work and has held more than 30 different jobs in her life. She looks forward to being economically self-sufficient.

The celebratory event was held at Luxury Lanes in Ferndale. Clients and staff enjoyed lunch and bowled together.

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