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Small Business

ProsperUS Detroit, which began its own nonprofit organization in 2020, helps aspiring small business owners obtain entrepreneurial training and possible financing to operate their businesses in Detroit neighborhoods. We also offer affordable and quality commercial space in high-traffic commercial corridors in southwest Detroit.


ProsperUS Detroit
ProsperUS Detroit is an entrepreneurial training and small business lending program for Detroit residents, particularly those who are African-American, Arab-American or Latino. By helping emerging entrepreneurs develop successful businesses, ProsperUS will help strengthen neighborhood economies, create jobs, serve residents with new goods and services, and cultivate community-based leadership.
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Commercial Space for Lease
Southwest Housing Solutions developed and/or manages about 225,000 sq. ft. of quality and affordable commercial space for lease. We are deeply committed to encouraging and facilitating entrepreneurial activity as an essential part of our mission to create a vibrant and thriving community. Our space is also attractive to small businesses, nonprofits, agencies and organizations providing services in the community.
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Our commercial properties are strategically located to promote development and capitalize on pedestrian and vehicle traffic patterns

We understand the vital importance of entrepreneurial activity in the community and are committed to sustaining and stimulating it


To learn more about ProsperUS Detroit, visit its website, which contains detailed information about the program.  For more information about Commercial Space for Lease, contact Robbie at 313.297.1363 or email her.


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