Sewing classes for residents continue to build skills

June 14th, 2018
Maria Huanosta in the sewing class offered by Southwest Solutions,

Our free sewing classes for beginners have proven to be popular. The classes meet for two hours once a week over the course of eight weeks.

Since we started the classes last year, we have had four Spanish-speaking cohorts and four English-speaking cohorts. Our next cohort will begin on Wednesday, July 11.

This class will be for individuals who already have basic skills in operating a sewing machine, particularly those who have completed the beginning class. The goal is to continue to advance those skills in making clothes, curtains, and other things. It will be for both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking students, and it will be taught by Rowena Palackdharry.

If you’re interested in this upcoming class, please contact Mayte via email or 313-297-1341.

See more photos of the call in the Facebook story.

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