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November 10th, 2018
Latasha Alberts (middle) with Southwest Solution's Teresa Torres (left) and Tenai Leali, who organize our Homebuyer Education Workshops.

Our Homeownership Assistance Team had a busy day on November 9.

Our monthly Homebuyer Education workshop attracted more than 30 participants who learned about the homebuyer process and earned a certificate that’s needed for many downpayment assistance programs. At the same time, our monthly Property Tax Exemption (PTE) workshop helped 10 Detroit homeowners wanting to apply for a PTE for the current year.

Latasha Alberts attended the Homebuyer Education workshop. She is about to buy a home in Redford. Her offer of $90K has been accepted, and she is prequalified for a mortgage and $15K in downpayment assistance from Step Forward, pending her Homebuyer Education certificate, which she will receive after the workshop. With these incentives and the current low interest rates, Latasha’s mortgage payments of less than $700 (including taxes and insurance) is actually less than her current rent payment. Latasha did pre-purchase counseling with Teresa Torres and Tenai Leali at Southwest Solutions.

At our Detroit Property Tax Exemption Workshop, homeowner Yvonne Trevino (seated) is assisted by Southwest Solutions’ Kathy Ralston (right), Jackie Garrett, and Alex Makohn (right).

Yvonne Trevino received assistance at our Detroit Property Tax Exemption Workshop. Yvonne’s husband passed away seven years ago. He was the main breadwinner, and so Yvonne has been struggling since to pay the property taxes for her home in southwest Detroit that’s been in her family for 30 years.

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