Program helps food assistance recipients build work skills

May 22nd, 2017
Floyd Henry works as a dishwasher at The Whitney.

Floyd Henry, 40, has been struggling to return to the workforce after some life setbacks. He graduated from our Earn + Learn “Food Futures” program in April, where he earned a number of certificates, including one to help qualify for a Hi Lo Driver position.

Floyd is now also participating in our Food Assistance Employment and Training (FAE&T) program. FAE&T is a partnership with the State of Michigan. The program is a way for recipients of the Food Assistance Program (FAP) to meet the work requirements to maintain FAP benefits. Floyd is currently working 32 hours a week as a dishwasher at The Whitney restaurant in Midtown.

He hopes the job will help him establish a steady work history and generate good references so he can eventually get a better paying job, as perhaps a Hi Lo Driver, enabling him to be self-sufficient.

“I know I have to start somewhere, and this dishwashing job is a good place to start so that I can gain employment elsewhere and earn a livable wage rather than minimum wage,” Floyd said. “I learned in the Food Futures program that I have potential to do much more, and I want to take things step by step to get there.”

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