Neighborhood Preservation Team



Neighborhood Preservation Team

Our Neighborhood Preservation Team is actively engaged in the revitalization of southwest Detroit through strategic initiatives to build sustainable neighborhoods that are vibrant and diverse by:

  • Improving housing stock for low to moderate-income families
  • Attracting commercial development
  • Reducing blight and maintaining and activating vacant lots
  • Stimulating institutional improvement and development
  • Promoting job creation
  • Helping to mobilize residents to build community
  • Addressing other needs for a sustainable neighborhood


Through funding from JPMorgan Chase, the Neighborhood Preservation Team (NPT) is implementing a comprehensive community preservation and stabilization program to maintain and improve three targeted neighborhoods: Hubbard Farms/Hubbard Richard, Michigan-Livernois, and Virgina Park. The program provides:

  • Emergency board up of abandoned properties targeted for re-use
  • Maintenance of inventory of vacant lots
  • Activation of vacant lots as community spaces for local residents
  • Neighborhood beautification activities
  • Support of the Detroit Neighborhood Art (DNA) project in Hubbard Farms/Hubbard Richard that will activate and revitalize vacant retail storefronts and under-utilized properties through the design and installation of high quality art

The NPT has a strong community organizing emphasis. It works with block clubs, residents, businesses and organizations in the neighborhood to address issues of public safety, abandoned homes, environmental issues, community health, and government services.

The NPT works to help formulate and facilitate community redevelopment plans. This work is driven by data and active community involvement and consensus. The NPT surveys residents and properties in the community to gather detailed data about the housing stock, vacant and foreclosed properties, home repair needs, infrastructure conditions, and quality of life issues and opportunities.

The NPT is now involved in a major resident-driven community development initiative called the Vista Partnership. The plan envisions developing a 20-block area of Mexicantown into a vibrant, multifaceted locale. The Vista Partnership also proposes innovative ways of linking the locale to Corktown and the West Riverfront. Neglected assets would be transformed into unique opportunities for art, recreation, commercial development and green technologies.

The NPT engages partners in the public, private and nonprofit sectors to plan and develop its projects within the historic districts it serves. These projects always architecturally complement the existing housing. We have secured resources to enable owners of existing homes to improve their properties. We have also secured funding to upgrade the public infrastructure, especially alleys and sidewalks, throughout the area we serve. Our efforts have resulted in neighborhood commercial development, public art, and a stronger sense of community.


Our Neighborhood Preservation Team was formed in 2009 when the Bagley Housing Association (BHA) became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southwest Housing Solutions, creating a stronger and more broad-based community development entity to advance the revitalization of southwest Detroit.

BHA began in 1996 with a mission to provide leadership and resources to improve the housing stock for low to moderate-income families within the Hubbard-Richard and Hubbard Farms districts of southwest Detroit. Over the next 13 years, BHA invested more than $53 million to revitalize the Hubbard-Richard and Hubbard Farms districts by constructing and renovating single-family homes, building affordable housing, securing funding for infrastructure improvements and housing rehabilitation, developing community parks and gardens, and promoting the arts and neighborhood beautification.

Our Neighborhood Preservation Team (NPT) continues the mission of BHA and broadens its scope.


Creating new partnerships,Facilitating Vista Partnership

an urban design community-based project that focuses on the 20-block area around the I-75 and Vernor in southwest Detroit

$350,000 toward arts and recreation opportunities
$600,000 construction of 2 duplex units for low to moderate-income families
$1 million of infrastructure improvements in the area
$1.9 million gut rehabs of 9 homes
$8.2 million Hubbard-Communities tax credit project will create 44 units of single-family housing using low income housing tax credit financing
$2.5 million secured for renovation of existing owner-occupied homes
$3.2 million restoration of the Saint Anne School that now houses Casa Richard Academy
Rio Vista Senior Apartments, a $5.78 million project, created 65 HUD-sponsored, independent-living units for low-income seniors
$13.9 million construction project of market-rate homes and condominiums
Providing leadership in numerous Southwest Detroit collaboratives dedicated to revitalizing the area
Providing leadership in numerous Southwest Detroit collaboratives dedicated to revitalizing the area
Mobilizing community-organizing efforts around park redevelopment, public safety initiatives and block-club capacity building


For more information about the Neighborhood Preservation Team, contact Dan Loacano, Program Manager, at 313.297.1347 or email him.


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