Neighborhood Beautification 2011 in southwest Detroit

June 12th, 2011
Gazebo park (at Bagley and 20th Street) project.

More than 150 volunteers participated in Neighborhood Beautification Day in southwest Detroit on Saturday, June 11. The annual event is organized by Southwest Solutions.

Volunteers and Southwest Solutions staff worked in teams on these sites:
1. Go-Getters Drop-in Center. The team removed scrub brush, planted decorative grasses and flowers, and painted the railings.
2. Gazebo park at Bagley and 20th Street. The team painted the gazebo and fencing, removed scrub brush, and planted two large flower gardens.
3. Stanton Park. The team cut the grass, repaired fencing, cleaned the playground, removed graffiti, cleaned and weeded the existing garden beds and planted new flowers beds.
4. Planters at the Mercado. The team filled more than a dozen large planters filled with flowers and decorative grasses.
5. Matrix Theatre. The team planted two raised beds (a third was built and will be soon installed), cleaned the lot, trimmed trees, and weeded.
6. 25th and Vernor buildings. The team planted flowers at Lithuanian Hall, the Vernor Townhouses, and Martin Garden and Cole apartment buildings.
7. Roosevelt Park. Our team worked with the Roosevelt Park team to clean, weed and plant.
8. 5716 Wellness. The team picked up more than a dozen bags of trash, washed windows, and spruced up the grounds.

Every effort was made to make the event as “green” as possible. Compostable plates and utensils, food scraps (from breakfast and lunch), and paper were placed in biodegradable bags. Plastic water bottles, plastic bags and the plastic plant containers were recycled. The compostable and recyclable things were taken to Michigan Green Safe in Detroit after the event ended.

We would like to thank our sponsors of Neighborhood Beautification Day 2011:
Home Depot

We extend our deepest appreciation to all our volunteers who gave their time and energy to make this event a wonderful success. Your work made a significant difference in the southwest Detroit community.

We encourage you to tag yourself in photos and to comment. The photos are arranged by work sites.

To see the Facebook photo essay: Neighborhood Beautification Day 2011 in southwest Detroit.

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