Message from our Executive Leadership Team

June 3rd, 2020

In light of the anti-racism protests across America, the Southwest Solutions’ Executive Leadership Team shared the following message with our staff:

Dear Colleagues:

We, like you, watched with horror, sorrow and anger as George Floyd was killed by the police officer(s), crying out, “I can’t breathe.”

The national outpouring over the last week has shown that people have an intolerance for racism and are demanding change. Not only change in policing but change in our justice system.

We definitely do not have all the answers but, given our work in social justice at Southwest Solutions, we are energized to continue to role model fairness and unbiased care and service for vulnerable people in an honorable way.

What can we do now?  We will speak out against the racial injustice that black Americans endure. We will get involved in the process to ensure that the individuals that support the best interest of the communities we serve are elected. We will demand that our elected Representatives speak out against the ills in our communities, and society as a whole and we will elect those who share our values.  These are immediate next steps that we, individually and collectively with you, can do.

Our country is built on a constitution of laws that are supposed to protect the rights of all. As such, we strongly believe that Black lives matter. We believe that we are all accountable; however, we want our law enforcement officers, public leaders and fellow citizens to embrace and demonstrate higher ethics and a stronger moral code. #BlackLivesMatter

As Southwest Solutions celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, we are reminded of our founders, their vision and the foundation of social justice, equality and caring for all citizens and immigrants. Today, we take pride in our mission to build upon this foundation and meet the needs of our diverse and proud community.

We stand strong in our community and we are consistently working to do more and do better.. You are an essential part of SWS and we stand with you at this time.

We decry what happened in our country last week as a stinging example of what happens way too often.

We thank each of you for your work at SWS.


Hector Hernandez       Michelle Sherman       Joe Tasse       Tim Thorland

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