Maybury ELLP parents organize book carnival at their school

April 27th, 2015
Students at Maybury Elementary look for books at the after-school Book Carnival on April 23 organized by parents in the English Language Learners Program (ELLP)/Toyota Family Literacy program.

Students at Maybury Elementary excitedly paged through the books piled on tables in the school gym, eager to choose books to take home and read again and again. The free, after-school Book Carnival on April 23 was organized by a dozen parents in Southwest Solutions’ English Language Learners Program/Toyota Family Literacy program at the school. About 200 children selected from the nearly 2,500 books. Most children chose at least 5 books.

Understanding the importance of reading and home libraries, the ELLP parents wanted to give children the chance to get new books and exchange books they are no longer using. The children of the parents helped market the event by creating posters, making announcements over the PA system and setting up the event. Parents coordinated the collection of donated books from school staff and families, the local library, friends and neighbors. In their ELLP class, they learned more about genres in literature as they sorted the books by grade level.

The Book Carnival was part of an ongoing volunteer campaign by the Maybury ELLP parents as part of the Toyota Family Learning / National Center for Families Learning initiative that enhances ELLP.

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