Veterans at Piquette Square Benefit from Masco’s Generosity

June 21st, 2010
Masco volunteers deliver gift bags to Piquette Square: (left to right) Sue Sabo, Gail Tikkanen, Bryan Hughes, Oreese Collins, Dave Price

On the same day that the first homeless veterans moved into Piquette Square, volunteers from Masco Corporation delivered gift bags for all 150 veterans who will live in the new facility.

The delivery represented only a small part of Masco’s contribution to Piquette, but it also symbolized the spirit of Masco’s commitment.

Inside each gift bag were toiletries to take care of some basic human needs. Things like toothbrushes, shampoo, soap and many other hygiene items. Common things, nonetheless important to human dignity.

Melissa Hill-Pearson was one of the veterans who moved into Piquette that day. Finding the gift bag in her bathroom, she noted each item with a delighted smile.

Among the items, she also found a hand-written card from a local Girl Scout. It read: “Thank you for your service. Welcome to your new home.”

Melissa’s smile widened. “I was once a Girl Scout myself,” she said.

Including a card in every gift bag was a thoughtful touch. It conveyed that the generosity was rooted in gratitude. Indeed, this is the spirit that motivated Masco’s involvement at Piquette.

Piquette provides long-term supportive housing for homeless veterans to enable them to lead healthy, independent lives. The 150-unit facility is located near the New Center area. Southwest Solutions developed the $23 million project and owns and manages it.

“Masco was looking to support a project that benefits the men and women who have sacrificed so much, especially veterans who returned from service with life-altering injuries,” said Melonie Colaianne, president of the Masco Foundation. “Piquette Square provided an extraordinary opportunity for us to demonstrate our deep appreciation.”

Each of the 150 units at Piquette features state-of-the-art lighting systems from Verve Living Systems, a new brand within Masco. The lighting system is energy efficient and wireless. Control switches are battery-less and completely mobile, and thus can be placed conveniently for tenants living with disabilities. Masco donated the lighting systems for all the units. The value of the donation is $130,000.

Masco also offered special discounted pricing for kitchen and bath fixtures, such as bathtubs, showers, faucets and hardware accessories. The fixtures are from several brands in the Masco family, including American Shower & Bath, Delta Faucet Company, and Liberty Hardware.

“Masco’s contributions and commitment to Piquette Square are tremendous,” said Tim Thorland, executive director of Southwest Housing Solutions. ‘Masco was deeply cognizant of the needs of veterans moving into the project and provided solutions that truly enhance their quality of life and the entire environment at Piquette.”

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