March PTE workshop

March 3rd, 2019
Southwest Solutions' Jeana Harper-Kirkland helps homeowner Darlene Watkins start the PTE application. In the background, Southwest Solutions' Alex Makohn and Kathy Ralston help two other homeowners with the application during our PTE workshop on March 1. Also pictured is Jackie Grant, an expert who assists with PTE workshops across the city through the "Neighbor to Neighbor" program sponsored by the Quicken Loans Community Investment Fund.

For many Detroit homeowners who are low income or are experiencing financial hardship because of job loss, health problems or unexpected expenses, securing a property tax exemption (PTE) for the current year can make a big difference. It can be the difference between keeping the home or losing it. Between making ends meet or falling further behind.

Too many Detroiters who are eligible for the PTE fail to take advantage of it. That needs to change. We offer free, monthly workshops to assist Detroiters with the PTE application. On March 1, our PTE workshop helped 18 homeowners assemble the necessary documents and fill out the forms to submit to the City.

Darlene Watkins received PTE assistance from Southwest Solutions last year and secured the PTE for her $4,000 tax bill. She is starting the process early this year. Darlene lost her job as a home healthcare worker last year and is suffering from chronic health issues.

“The property tax exemption is very important to me so I can stay in my home and pay all my other bills,” Darlene said. “I encourage everyone I know who needs the exemption to come to the workshop and make the application.”

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