Invest Detroit brings Christmas joy to a family we serve

December 20th, 2018
Invest Detroit staff with the family of Allen Curry and his fiancée Patricia. Left to right, back row: Patricia, Derek Edwards, Kathi Kucharski, Ariele, Dan, Amber Gladney, Valerie Doyle, Sunday, and Allen. Left to right, front row: Joshua, Joclene, Allen Jr., and Alex. The gift-opening took place in the offices of Southwest Economics Solutions.

This has been a transformative year for Allen Curry and his family. A year when dreams for the future have begun to feel more real and within their grasp. Last night, the family had a Christmas experience that also felt like a dream come true. They received gifts provided by Invest Detroit, who “adopted” the family this holiday season.

“My heart is overwhelmed with happiness, and I cannot thank you enough,” Allen said to the Invest Detroit staff who delivered the presents. The Invest Detroit generosity was led by Shannon Ferrini. For the last ten years at Christmas time, Shannon has asked Southwest Solutions to choose a family in need that her company can help, in the spirit of the season. This year, we recommended Allen’s family.

This spring, Allen enrolled in our Earn + Learn program so he could train to become a truck driver. The main reason he choose this career path is that it offers a good wage and is also felony-friendly. Allen is rebuilding his life and his family ties after being in prison for drug-related offenses.

Since graduating from Earn + Learn, Allen has been working full-time as a garbage truck operator. He works very long hours. Allen and his fiancée Patricia are saving to buy a home. Patricia recently completed our Homebuyer Education Workshop and will soon start our credit-building classes. Because they are prioritizing saving for a home and college expenses to come, Allen and Patricia had planned to celebrate this Christmas modestly.

The kindness of Invest Detroit made it a Christmas that the family will always remember.

“The kids were so excited after opening their gifts last night that they couldn’t sleep because they were talking, laughing and playing so much,” Patricia said. “My heart and my family are still smiling and we are so grateful to Invest Detroit and Southwest Solutions. We feel very blessed.”

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