Hip Hop Tots classes

July 16th, 2019
Kids and moms in the Hip Hop Tots class imagine launching scarves like rockets. The class is led by Christine Lower with the Michigan State Community Music School-Detroit.

Our Infant Mental Health (IMH) program is partnering with the Michigan State Community Music School (MSU CMS-Detroit) to offer early childhood music classes called Hip Hop Tots. The free classes encourage children’s musical, cognitive, social and emotional development through musical play. Christine Lower, from #MSUCMS, leads the classes, which meet once a week for eight weeks.

“We just finished our fourth class and I’m already seeing the positive impact,” said Luz Zuniga, an IMH specialist at Southwest Solutions. “Little by little, the kids are becoming more confident in interacting with the teacher and other kids. Just as important, the moms are really engaged in the fun musical activities.”

For more information about Hip Hop Tots, contact Luz at 313-963-2266 or lzuniga@swsol.org.

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