Heart 2 Hart and our caseworkers help the homeless at Hart Plaza

December 20th, 2013
Manny, 67, says he has been homeless for three months.

On a cold and snowy Monday this month, homeless men and women began to gather at Hart Plaza, anticipating the lunches delivered by Heart 2 Hart Detroit. Just past noon, Larry Oleinick and Ken Levy arrive in the dark blue SUV. In the trunk are crates containing the nutritious lunches. There are also toiletries kits, hand warmer packets, and items of clothing. Larry and Ken know almost all of the homeless individuals by name. They hand out the food and other items, and speak to the homeless about other things they may need and seeking shelter from the winter chill.

Every two weeks, caseworkers with our Housing Resource Center (HRC) meet members of Heart 2 Hart at the Plaza. Our caseworkers talk with the homeless to see if they may qualify for programs provided by Southwest Solutions, including supportive housing, programs for homeless veterans, and more. The collaboration between Heart 2 Hart and the HRC has resulted in several individuals transitioning from homelessness to being housed.

Heart 2 Hart is a nonprofit devoted to helping the homeless and people in need metro Detroit. Three days a week, organization delivers food, clothing and toiletries, to men and women living on the streets or in shelters. This year, Heart 2 Hart distributed:
5,901 lunches
127 winter coats
586 pairs of new underwear
1,112 pairs of new socks
446 toiletries kits (shampoo, soap, wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
484 pairs of shoes
1,711 shirts, sweaters or hoodies

Heart 2 Hart made about 200 trips to Hart Plaza this year.

To learn how you can help Heart 2 Hart fulfill its mission, visit its website: http://www.h2hd.org/

To see the Facebook photo essay: Heart 2 Hart and our caseworkers help the homeless at Hart Plaza.

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