Head Start at Voyageur Academy

March 26th, 2015
Teacher Venique Hardwick helps Elijah and Madison learn about lines and measuring through a fun art project our Head Start class at Voyageur Academy in southwest Detroit.

Southwest Solutions operates two Head Start classrooms at Voyageur Academy in southwest Detroit, offering both full day and half day options (children can attend either the morning or afternoon session.) The program helps children develop their cognitive, social and behavioral skills. The learning environment is safe and vibrant. And the teachers and staff are highly trained and experienced. The program is designed to help the whole family succeed through numerous support services.

There are still about 20 Head Start slots available at Voyageur Academy, and families who may be eligible are encouraged to apply. To learn more about Head Start at Voyageur, call the school at 313-361-4180 or write headstart@swsol.org. Voyageur is located at 4321 Military, Detroit 48210.

Voyageur is one of a dozen sites in southwest Detroit where Southwest Solutions is locating its Thrive by Five program, which is part of the Thrive by Five Detroit collaborative. Thrive by Five offers Head Start classes (for children 3-5) and Early Head Start (for children 0-3 and pregnant mothers). Early Head Start offers both center-based and home-based options.

Families living the zip codes of 48206, 48208, 48209, 48210, 48216 or 48217 are eligible to apply for our Thrive by Five program. There are other eligibility requirements, too. Interested families should call 313-596-4766 or write headstart@swsol.org.

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