Head Start at Mark Twain school in southwest Detroit

February 11th, 2015
Jerry Jones reads to kids at the Thrive by Five Head Start program at Mark Twain Elementary-Middle School in southwest Detroit

Southwest Solutions operates two Head Start classrooms at Mark Twain School for Scholars. The DPS school is located in southwest Detroit. The Head Start classes at Mark Twain started on December 1st last year. Already, in this short time, parents are praising how much the program is helping their children develop their cognitive, social and behavioral skills.

Audrey Solomon’s three-year-old daughter A’mour is enrolled in the program. “I felt that it is very important for my daughter to experience a social relationship with other children in a safe and productive environment,” said Audrey, who works as a nursing assistant. “A’mour used to be quite shy and clingy. But now she is speaking to other kids here and making friends. I’ve noticed many other ways that the program has helped her, too. She is counting and her language skills have really improved. She is eager to learn. And her social manners are better. I have learned from the program to take different approaches with her to help her development and reinforce what she is learning in class.”

There are still a few open Head Start slots at Mark Twain, and families who may be eligible are encouraged to apply.

Mark Twain is one of a dozen sites in southwest Detroit where Southwest Solutions is locating its Thrive by Five program, which is part of the Thrive by Five Detroit collaborative. Thrive by Five offers Head Start classes (for children 3-5) and Early Head Start (for children 0-3 and pregnant mothers). Early Head Start offers both center-based and home-based options.

Families living the zip codes of 48206, 48208, 48209, 48210, 48216 or 48217 are eligible to apply for our Thrive by Five program. There are other eligibility requirements, too.

Thrive by Five not only helps children succeed, but also helps the whole family through numerous support services. Interested families should call 313-596-4766.

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