Harms ELLP parents organize cleanup campaign at the school

April 16th, 2015
Children who participated in the cleanup at Harms Elementary hold a sign that reads: "Let's work as a team to make our school clean. Join us this Saturday April 11 from 10:00am to 12pm."

Parents in our Early Language Learners Program (ELLP) at Harms Elementary want a school environment that is cleaner. They decided to take action themselves. On Saturday morning (April 11), about 30 adults and 50 children picked up trash, swept, and raked leaves on and around the school grounds. The concerted effort made a marked difference.

This cleanup was the first event in an ongoing volunteer campaign organized by the Harms ELLP parents as part of the Toyota Family Learning / National Center for Families Learning initiative that enhances ELLP. One facet of the initiative asks ELLP parents to plan and implement Family Service Learning projects. During the planning process for this project, the parents created print materials and a bilingual robo call to promote participation among families in the school and in the community. The parents also made a list of supplies to purchase or borrow for the cleanup. In addition, parents contacted their City Council representative to request the installation of trash cans on the school grounds to reduce litter.

See the Facebook photo essay: Harms ELLP parents organize cleanup campaign at the school

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