GED grads and learners celebrate their accomplishments

August 14th, 2019
GED graduate Cecilia Simon, 27, completed her GED in about six months. "I wanted my kids to know that education is important to get ahead in life," said Cecilia, who has two kids and one on the way. "My goal is to go to college and then become a lawyer one day, specializing in family law." Cecilia was a MathUP participant.

Our Adult Learning Labs recognized the achievements of students who attained their GED or made progress toward their GED. In the past year, 14 students have completed their GED, another 27 have completed one or more sections of the GED, and more than 50 others continue to work to get ready for the exam. Students gathered with family, friends and Learning Labs’ staff for the annual celebration recently.

Of the 41 students who completed the entire GED or sections of the exam, 18 participated in the MathUP program. MathUP enables GED students to earn a stipend for regular engagement in math classes and tutoring. Many students at the celebration said that MathUP was instrumental in helping them reach their GED goals. MathUP is sponsored by the United Way for Southeastern Michigan and the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund.

“The subject that I struggled with the most was math, and MathUP encouraged me to keep at it,” said Gloria Asher, one of the 14 GED graduates.

“This year’s graduates have worked diligently to achieve their High School Equivalency certificates and we couldn’t be happier about what they have accomplished,” said Caitlyn Pisarski, who manages our Adult Learning Labs. “They’ve put in countless hours of preparation, both at the Learning Labs and at home, and their tenacity has paid off. We look forward to seeing what comes next for the graduates, and encourage them to stay connected to our program by serving as mentors.”

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