Free CDL and forklift training: Classes start March 8!

January 27th, 2021
After completing our CDL course, Angelo was hired by Universal Trucking just before Christmas last year.

Please note: Due to the overwhelming response, we have closed the application process. If you are a Detroit resident seeking employment or job training opportunities, we encourage you to go to the Detroit at Work website.

Our truck driver or forklift/hi-lo training program course is free and is available to Detroit, Highland Park or Hamtramck residents. Participants receive a stipend.

The program is four weeks and starts Monday, March 8. It’s a mixture of virtual and in-person training. Students will receive work-readiness training in computer, reading, math, job search, and soft skills. This work-readiness will be delivered through Google Classroom. Internet and computer access will be provided for those in need.

During this same four weeks, students receive “hands-on” training either to earn a Commercial Driver’s License “A” (CDLA)  or a forklift/hi-lo certification.

You must have a valid driver’s license to take the program. You must also submit to a background check and pass a DOT Physical/Drug Test. Truck driving and forklift/hi-lo are felony-friendly occupations, but there are some restrictions.

Transportation assistance, job search assistance and other supports are available to participants. Graduates of the truck driving course have the opportunity to be placed with  a major national trucking company and get further on-the-job training.

Truck drivers and forklift/hi-lo operators are in high demand and earn a good living!

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