Ford volunteers at Go-Getters and Larkins ELC

December 5th, 2011
Jason Mase helps make crafts.

In the spirit of Ford Volunteer Corps season of Giving & Sharing, Ford employees with the Global Marketing division came to our Go-Getters Drop-in Center and our Larkins Early Learning Communities (ELC) hub on Friday, December 2.

At Go-Getters, about 20 Ford volunteers prepared holiday gift bags then donated to Go-Getters consumers, brought, prepared and served lunch, made crafts that consumers can use as gifts, set up holiday decorations, worked in the garden, and engaged in games and conversation with those that Go-Getters serves.

After spending their morning at Go-Getters, a smaller group of Ford volunteers went to our Larkins ELC to help with the “Indoor Field Day” event. More than 100 parents and children served by our ELC program came to the event, which featured seven activity stations designed to teach parents about fun and healthy things to do inside during the winter.

Elena A. Ford – director of Ford’s Global Marketing, Sales and Service Operations – came to both Go-Getters and Larkins. Ms. Ford is the great-great granddaughter of Henry Ford and the granddaughter of Henry Ford II.

Ford’s volunteer presence at Larkins further supports the Ford Fund’s recent $100,000 contribution to our Early Childhood program, which involves a partnership with United Way and several local schools.

“There has been a great demand for our family literacy program based on word of mouth in the neighborhood about how successful it is.,” said Bob O’Brien, vice president for Development at Southwest Solutions. “This gift from the Ford Fund means that parents will learn how to help their children succeed in school and in life.”

Ford volunteers came to Go-Getters and Larkins as part of a Ford “Accelerated Action Day” to promote volunteerism. On Friday (12/2), more than 600 Ford volunteers worked at forty different locations in southeast Michigan. The volunteer day focussed on efforts to feed the hungry.

To see the Facebook photo essay: Ford volunteers at Go-Getters and Larkins ELC.

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