Vista Partnership

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The Vista Partnership is an alliance of engaged stakeholders — community residents, organizations, resource partners, public sector partners and businesses — whose mission is to accelerate the revitalization of a 20-block area in southwest Detroit with a focus on economic opportunity, social equity and, most importantly, resident planning and partnership.


Using Resident-Centered Community Development, Vista is an opportunity not just to build buildings, but to create a long-term platform for neighborhood-level citizen action, and develop commercial projects by incorporating the best ideas of its residents.

Resident-Centered Community Development is a comprehensive approach to local development that draws and builds upon the knowledge, talent and assets of people who live and work in the community, so that community members are deeply engaged in the direction and decision-making of their own neighborhood. The Vista Partnership fully embraces this approach because we firmly believe this is the right way to do local development.

Resident-Centered Community Development is based on three core principles:

  • Residents have a living history in their community and understand its strengths, assets, and challenges better than anyone else.
  • Well-informed residents who are central in decision-making and work together to improve their community get better results than traditional models of development.
  • Residents must own the change in their community for efforts to be sustained over time.


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Surveying the neighborhoods

The Vista Partnership was able to shape our mission by surveying nearly 1000 people in the neighborhoods we service.

The Vista Wall allowed people to write in chalk upon its surface a short description of their wish for the particular place.

Vista Partnership community meetings drew more than 100 residents.