Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are firmly committed to DEI principles and values. Our DEI Council comprises diverse staff members from across the organization who have been selected by their colleagues.

DEI mission statement

Our mission is to embrace Diversity, achieve Equity and foster Inclusion at ONE Southwest Solutions regardless of our identities. Our council is committed to modeling the behavior, envisioned for all, through mutual respect, transparency, and empathy. We will foster a culturally diverse and compassionate environment that empowers our team to continue to learn and grow as we undertake this never-ending DEI journey. We believe our team and the community we serve will benefit from our efforts.

DEI Council Responsibilities

  • Help to foster change
  • Disseminate information
  • Be a conduit for incoming information
  • Be champions for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Model anti-racist behaviors
  • Be an ally
  • Assist with the development of the DEI Strategic Plan
  • Implement the DEI Strategic Plan

DEI Council Members

  • Denise El-Haje, Deputy Director | Southwest Counseling Solutions
  • Latanya Gater, Clinician / Case Manager | Southwest Counseling Solutions
  • Brandon Gray, Supportive Services for Veteran Families Employment Specialist | Southwest Counseling Solutions
  • Dewand Guyton, Wraparound Facilitator | Southwest Counseling Solutions
  • LaMonica Harris, Grants Billing Specialist | Southwest Solutions
  • Kristina Henning, Clinician/Case Manager | Southwest Counseling Solutions
  • Melanie Horton, Property Manager | Southwest Housing Solutions
  • Cynthia Hunter, Housing Case Management Specialist | Southwest Counseling Solutions
  • Rosetta Kincaid, Earn + Learn Program Instructor | Southwest Economic Solutions
  • Tenai Leali, Center for Working Families Coordinator | Southwest Economic Solutions
  • Melodi Litkouhi, Clinical Supervisor | Southwest Counseling Solutions
  • Alexandra Makohn, Homeownership Assistance Program Manager | Southwest Economic Solutions
  • Trevor Metzler, Math and Computer Literacy Instructor | Southwest Economic Solutions
  • Caitlyn Pisarski, Manager of Adult Learning Lab | Southwest Economic Solutions
  • Karen Pugh, Director of Human Resources | Southwest Solutions
  • Jimmy Reed, Property Manager | Southwest Housing Solutions
  • Laura Santos, Director of Assets and Property Management | Southwest Housing Solutions
  • Michelle Sherman, COO / CFO (and Executive Sponsor of the Council) | Southwest Solutions
  • Claudia Stevens, Lead Case Manager / Data Retention Specialist | Southwest Economic Solutions

DEI Calendar

DEI Materials


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