Dinosaur family fun event at our ELC!

March 19th, 2014
Hilda Payne and her daughter Victoria, 3.

Families participating in our Southwest Early Learning Communities (ELC) gathered at the Larkins ELC for a fun, creative and educational event about dinosaurs. Children and their parents worked together to make dinosaur masks, learn dinosaur facts and read dinosaur stories. ELC staff transformed one of the classrooms into a kind of Jurassic Park, featuring remarkable paper-mache dinosaur figures made by Lucia Vazquez, ELC Supportive Childcare Coordinator. “I used my experience in making piñatas to create the dinosaurs,” Lucia said.

The Dinosaur Family Fun event attracted 26 families, including many fathers and 57 children. Most of the families already attend our ELC sites, but they were also encouraged to bring neighbors or friends who could benefit from ELC programming, which promotes early childhood development and literacy. The dinosaur-themed event was the third family fun event that has been held recently. The previous events had Winter Wonderland and Candy Land themes, respectively.

Hilda Payne came to the dinosaur event with her daughter Victoria, 3. Hilda now participates in our ELC program. She first learned about the program when a friend invited her to the Candy Land event. “My daughter and I had a great time at that event and the staff told me about all the classes offered at ELC,” Hilda said. “I’ve already learned at lot through the ELC. I’ve learned how to entertain my daughter at home through activities that teach her and don’t cost much at all to set up. My daughter is also really benefiting from interacting with the other children here. I’m sure that it’s going to help her make an easier transition to school when she’s ready to go.”

“The family fun events are designed to support continued engagement of current participants as well as marketing and recruitment of new participants.” said Lynn McGregor, manager of Early Childhood & Family Literacy at Southwest Solutions. “So far they have been a great success and it is amazing to see the creativity of our staff as they design the sets.”

For more information about Southwest Early Learning Communities (ELC), visit the webpage www.swsol.org/elc.

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