David Cohen Honored for Helping Homeless Vets Get Jobs

March 15th, 2012
David Cohen receives the challenge coin from Major General Robert Smith in the computer room at Piquette Square

[Detroit – March 15, 2012] As a decorated combat veteran who was once homeless himself, David Cohen has a special rapport with the homeless and formerly homeless veterans who come to him seeking job opportunities.

David is one of Southwest Solutions’ HVRP (Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program) specialists. He is based at Piquette Square for Veterans. Through HVRP, David has helped more than 100 homeless veterans find employment – a significant step toward rebuilding their lives and reintegrating into society. David has cultivated relationships with numerous employers who want to give veterans a chance. He has also facilitated job readiness, training and placement workshops for veterans striving to get back on their feet.

“David’s tireless dedication to serving veterans throughout the greater Detroit metropolitan area has brought great credit upon himself, veteran peers, and local veterans representatives,” said Carlos DeBose, an employment representative with the Veterans’ Services Division of the Michigan Workforce Development Agency.

To honor David’s outstanding work, (Retired) Major General Robert W. Smith III presented David with a special “challenge coin” during a ceremony at Piquette Square on Thursday, March 15. Challenge coins bear the insignia of a military organization and often recognize outstanding service and performance of duty.

“This is about vets helping vets, and that is exactly what David exemplifies,” said Major General Smith as he handed the coin to David in the computer room at Piquette, where about a dozen veterans were participating in a job skills and search class. Major General Smith directs the Veterans’ Services Division of the Michigan Workforce Development Agency. The coin displays the emblem of the Division.

“I’m honored to receive this recognition, but I would not have success finding veterans employment if not for the other support staff at Piquette and elsewhere who connect veterans with housing, counseling, resources and support services to stabilize their lives and prepare them for work,” David said.

This is the fifth challenge coin David has received in his military and post-military career.

“Each of them holds special meaning to me,” David said.

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