Cornerstone youth celebrate their accomplishments

June 25th, 2018
Allan Ponce with his 2018 Cornerstone certificate celebrating his successfully completing 10th grade, successfully completing his first year in the VoTech program, and attending Cornerstone groups.

Our Cornerstone program recently held its fourth annual Celebration of Accomplishments event. Cornerstone helps young people in systems of care transition to the responsibilities and opportunities of adulthood.

“It is important to make time to celebrate our youth and their accomplishments,” said Melodi Litkouhi, who leads our Cornerstone team. “No matter how big or small the achievement, progress is positive movement forward and we want to make sure we give special time and space to recognize the progress of our young people and show them we are proud.”

More than 60 young people participated in Cornerstone this past year. The program is nationally recognized for its effectiveness. The celebration event featured dinner, music, dancing and art activities.

See the photos in the Facebook story.

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