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Center for Working Families

Our Center for Working Families (CWF) is based on a promising national concept and is designed to help low-income families reach financial stability, access income supports, develop educational and employment opportunities, build wealth, and move up the economic ladder. To participate in the program, eligible families and individuals must commit for at least three months. Participants are assisted by a financial coach, workforce development coach and benefits coach.


At our Center for Working Families (CWF), coaches provide three services that will assist you and your family to stabilize your finances and build wealth.

  • One-on-One Financial Coaching. You will meet with a trained financial coach to develop a workable budget and assess your family’s financial situation. Your coach will help you understand your spending habits and assist in recognizing unhealthy financial habits. You will learn how to stop living “paycheck to paycheck” and start building wealth.
  • Workforce Development Coaching. A workforce development coach is available to help you with employment, job coaching, resume building and training resources. These services will allow your family the opportunity to increase its income – leading to a better quality of life.
  • Income Support Coaching. In addition to financial coaching and education, we will help your family access available public benefits and resources that can assist your family through times of financial difficulty.


Our CWF generates value in many ways. For families, our CWF helps build stronger employment connections as well as income and wealth. As families develop enhanced financial knowledge and skills, they can increase their access to the public benefits and tax refunds for which they are eligible. In addition, they can improve their credit rating, reduce financial services costs and begin saving for the future.

For government and society, the CWF concept offers a strategy for the public, non-profit, and private sectors to improve the lives of low-income families and communities. Through streamlined access to benefits and greater financial knowledge, families build financial stability and connect to the economic mainstream. Families can purchase homes in their neighborhood, increase their consumer spending, and bring tax dollars into the community.

For investors and financial institutions, CWF offers an opportunity to join a network interested in building financial health in the community as well as the prospect of developing a broader and more diverse customer base. For employers, CWF offers an expanded pipeline of qualified workers to fuel their business and give employers a direct and positive connection to local communities where employees reside.

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Our Center for Working Families (CWF) site is a national model in achieving successful outcomes

Research shows that the CWF approach can a make a significant difference in helping families stabilize their finances, become more self-sufficient, take advantage of opportunities, and move up the economic ladder
Green Deconstruction Project deconstructed 25 homes and produced 35 jobs
Detroit GreenWorks Solutions graduated 52 individuals from green jobs training
Through the Chase Family Neighborhood Initiative, 45 parents at Maybury and Harms elementary schools participated in financial literacy classes
Provide financial counseling to 270 individuals in 2013; 118 improved their net income (44%); 88 improved their net worth; 71 improved their credit scores
Center for Working Families enrolled more than 500 clients in 2013; 438 CWF clients (86% all CWF clients) received at least two CWF services; 115 individuals were placed into employment
In 2014, 415 CWF clients (84% all CWF clients) received at least two CWF services; 56 individuals were placed into employment


The CFW at Southwest Economic Solutions is located at the Welcome Center at 2835 Bagley, Suite 800, Detroit, MI  48216. To learn more about CWF or schedule an appointment, call us at 313.841.9641 or email us.


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