Celebrating the success of youth in our Cornerstone program

June 23rd, 2017
Clinician Shelley Bultje (middle) with Cornerstone participants Dasha Lewis, Aariah Williams, Kelly Mercado, Katricia Thomas, Sarah Sanders, and Timesha Cottingham

Our Cornerstone program held its third annual Celebration of Accomplishments event last night. Cornerstone helps young people, who are participants in systems of care, integrate into their communities and lead productive lives as they transition to adulthood. The program is nationally recognized for its effectiveness. More than 60 young people participated in Cornerstone this past year. Cornerstone youth themselves planned the celebration event, which featured dinner, a DJ and dancing, and the handing out of certificates of acknowledgement by the clinicians who provided counseling to the youth. Our BasicNeeds program sponsored the event. “We are so proud of both the accomplishments of our Cornerstone clients as well as the support that the numerous important people in their lives give to them on a daily basis,” said John Casey, who supervises the Cornerstone program.

See the photo essay of the event on our Facebook page.


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