Job Fair with Black Ties Staffing Nets 60 Jobs for Our People in Our Programs

December 30th, 2013
(left to right) Denorris Williams, Rosa Pratcher and Anniel Sherman attended the job fair with Black Ties Staffing. All are Earn and Learn graduates.

Detroit, December 2013 — More than 60 participants in Southwest Solutions’ workforce development programs attended a special job fair with Black Ties Staffing, and almost all will be hired to help with the Detroit Auto Show that begins mid-January.

“I was impressed with the quality of the job candidates who came to the job fair,” said Roberta Sam, account manager atBlack Ties Staffing, who reviewed the resumes and interviewed all the applicants. “Not only will we be able to offer short-term employment to almost everyone I saw, but we will also keep them in mind for opportunities in the future.”

The applicants at the job fair came from four Southwest Solutions’ programs: Supported Employment Services, Earn and Learn, Veterans services, and Detroit GreenWorks Solutions. The fair was held on December 20 at the offices of Southwest Housing Solutions.

“It is important to give people a second chance to find work,” Roberta said. “Everyone makes mistakes, but they need another opportunity to earn a living and improve their lives.”

The idea for the job fair was initiated by Robin Kiss and Manuel Partida, both of whom are employment specialists with our Supported Employment program. Last year, Robin and Manuel placed ten program participants with Black Ties Staffing job opportunities.

“All ten were able to get permanent work afterwards,” said Robin. “Though it was short-term work with Black Ties, the experience helped build the self-confidence of our consumers. This year, we asked Black Ties if we could organize a bigger hiring event, and they gladly agreed.”

Angel Reyna, 27, graduated from the weatherization class of Detroit GreenWorks last year.

“I was offered opportunities to work in the weatherization field, but I decided to go a different route,” Angel said. “Nevertheless, what I learned in the GreenWorks program was valuable and helped prepare me for the job market.”

Before GreenWorks, Angel served four years in the Marines, and spent time in combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. He got married only two weeks before the job fair.

“I thought it might be an intriguing opportunity to work at the Auto Show for a few weeks,” Angel said. “I like to do different things and meet new people, and this is good chance to do so.”

April Young, 47, also graduated from GreenWorks. She completed the landscaping program last year. April works nights as a nurse’s assistant. Her dream is to start her own landscaping company that would also employ her two sons and two daughters.

“I know that I need to build capital to create my small business, so I am always looking for second-job opportunities, and that’s why I came to the job fair,” said April.

John Burton, 42, completed our Earn and Learn program this year. Earn and Learn provided training and job opportunities for adults experiencing chronic unemployment.

“Earn and Learn really helped me get back in the groove again,” said John. “I’m working right now, but my goal is to find work that I really enjoy doing, and coming to the job fair is a chance to check out new things.”

Black Ties Staffing is based in Royal Oak. It provides workers for many different kinds of events and venues

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