Bagley Housing Association Becomes Part of Southwest Housing Solutions

April 29th, 2009
Homes constructed by Bagley Housing

DETROIT, April 29, 2009 — Bagley Housing Association (BHA) is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southwest Housing Solutions, both organizations announced today, creating a stronger and more broad-based community development entity to advance the revitalization of southwest Detroit.

The agreement brings together two leading housing and real estate development nonprofit corporations that combined have invested more than $150 million in the community and which already had a strong history of partnership. By becoming a subdivision of Southwest Housing, BHA ensures the continuation of its assets and mission as a developer of single-family units for low to moderate-income households.

“This arrangement is a synergistic fit and is founded on mutual respect and shared goals,” said Timothy Thorland, executive director of Southwest Housing. “It will benefit the community and both organizations by enhancing efficiency, existing developments, innovation and collaborations with all those committed to a creating a vibrant southwest Detroit.”

“Our board and executive staff fully support joining Southwest Housing,” said Ed Bobinchak, chairman of the BHA board. “Judging from our close working relationship with Southwest in the past, the transition will be smooth and well coordinated.”

Southwest Housing Solutions is a recognized leader in the planning, development and management of affordable housing and commercial property. In the last ten years, it has renovated 24 multi-story buildings in southwest Detroit, providing more than 400 apartment units and 40,000 sq. feet of commercial space. It has invested more than $100 million toward neighborhood revitalization. In addition, its Housing Opportunity Center has helped hundreds of families buy their first homes, avoid foreclosure, and repair their homes with low-interest loans.

BHA began in 1996 with a mission to provide leadership and resources to improve the housing stock for low to moderate-income families within the Hubbard-Richard and Hubbard Farms districts of southwest Detroit. It has invested more than $53 million to revitalize these districts by building affordable housing, securing funding for infrastructure improvements and housing rehabilitation, developing community parks and gardens, and promoting the arts and neighborhood beautification.

“Bagley Housing has made a dramatic difference in the quality of the neighborhood and the quality of life here,” said Jim Garrison, who bought one of the new homes in the “Homes of St. Anne’s” project developed by BHA. Garrison and his wife bought their home in May 1998 during the first phase of the project in which nearly 100 new homes were constructed. “From what I have seen, both Bagley Housing and Southwest are transforming the area, and I think it’s good idea for them to pool their resources and talent to do even more,” Garrison added.

Garrison’s opinion expresses a positive community consensus about the joining of BHA and Southwest Housing. As a subsidiary, BHA will continue its role as a developer of single-family housing. In addition, the joining of these well-respected organizations ensures that government agencies, funders and businesses will continue to have strong, reliable partners in the further revitalization of southwest Detroit.

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