Bank teller training graduates fourth class

January 2nd, 2020
Bank Teller Training Graduate Clauseille MerveilleBoueni-Dindo

Congratulations to the six individuals who are the latest graduates from our bank teller training course! The graduates celebrated their accomplishment at a special ceremony on December 20.

“I really enjoyed the class and I know my fellow graduates did, too,” said LaPorcheia Huff at the event. “The teachers are amazing, the resources are great, and it’s a very supportive atmosphere where we help each other to reach our goals.”

There’s good demand for bank tellers, and the job is an opportunity to start a career in financial services. Participants in the free, 8-week program learn about the various responsibilities of a bank teller, customer service, job etiquette, interviewing and resume-making skills to obtain a job, and more.

The program provides bus tickets and a stipend to participants. To learn more and to enroll, contact Jordan at 313-297-0095 or email. Our bank teller training program is sponsored by UnidosUS and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

See photos and more details about the graduates in the Facebook photo essay.

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