About Us

Southwest Solutions is an organization committed to helping the poor and disenfranchised. The organization was founded in 1970 by Monsignor Clement Kern, a legendary pastor of Most Holy Trinity in southwest Detroit. The mission and values instilled by Kern continue to inspire Southwest Solutions to this day. Initially, the organization was a mental health agency, but it expanded to include affordable housing, support services, neighborhood revitalization, and economic development.

Monsignor Clement Kern

Our History

Southwest Solutions began its work as a mental health agency, providing psychiatric counseling and medication to help the mentally ill live in the community. John Van Camp, who started as an administrative assistant, became the head of the organization in 1981. He believed in expanding the vision of Southwest Solutions to reintegrate the mentally ill and homeless into the community by providing affordable housing, support services, and participating in neighborhood revitalization and economic development. His broad vision delineated the future of the organization.

In February 2021, Sean de Four was named President and CEO of Southwest Solutions. He has extensive experience in the health and human services sector, including behavioral health, child welfare, juvenile justice, refugee resettlement, senior services, affordable housing, homeless services, and substance abuse treatment. Under his leadership, Southwest Solutions continues to help those at the margins of society turn the page and write new chapters of resilience and purpose. The countless stories of renewed hope are the living history of Southwest Solutions.

Community Engagement

A large group of people stand together holding a sign that says "thank you"

Celebration of Impact

Takisa at the podium at Celebration of Impact 2022

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