the Group of Volunteers for Neighborhood Beautification Day 2023

We has a total of 121 volunteers at Neighborhood Beautification Day 2023. 

2023 Neighborhood Beautification Day

On Saturday Southwest Solutions hosted our annual Neighborhood Beautification Day. We had a total of 124 volunteers attend the event to help with the efforts to clean lots by clearing debris, cutting overgrown areas, and to help paint a sidewalk mural at Yaker Park. View all of the pictures here:

Neighborhood Beautification Day is a part of Neighborworks America's Neighborwork Week which is traditionally is celebrated with various creative local events, where neighbors gather in groups to volunteer in communities and participate in activities such as building playgrounds, cleaning up trash and beautifying shared spaces, rehabilitating homes for older residents, hosting food festivals, and so much more.  

The day started out with registration and a short speech from Sean de Four, President and CEO of Southwest Solutions, Deletta Dean from NeighborWorks America and community member, Diana Franco. 



We want to take a moment to thank our sponsors of Neighborhood Beautification Day 2023, without your financial support we would not have been able to get the amount of work done to make our community beautiful. 


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