4 buildings, 90 units under development by Southwest Housing (Model D)

March 20th, 2007
The Galston on Michigan Avenue offers affordable housing and commercial space

Southwest Housing Solutions is currently renovating four multi-family buildings in Southwest Detroit that total 90 units of affordable housing.

Model D first reported on the Galston (pictured) and Shirley buildings in November 2006. The 31-unit Galston, located on Michigan Avenue west of Livernois, suffered a construction-related fire last month. Fortunately, SHS’s real estate development director, Steve Gabrys, estimates the project will be set back only a few months. “We plan to re-roof as soon as the weather breaks,” he says.

Meanwhile, the Shirley is progressing ahead of schedule. Gabrys estimates that it will be complete by April.

SHS has also begun construction on the 8-unit Melie Building, on Hubbard north of Vernor, and the 32-unit Whitdell Building on Porter at Vinewood in Hubbard Farms.

The Whitdell Building is being developed in collaboration with CAID, the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, which will assist SHS in marketing the units to low-moderate income artists. Gabrys points out that Hubbard Farms is already home to “a lot of artists and musicians,” making the project a logical fit. The Whitdell redevelopment has been planned with community input, and an art park and community arts programming will be part of the final outcome.

SHS anticipates completion of the Melie and Whitdell buildings by the end of year. The agency will begin marketing them to potential residents this summer.

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4 buildings, 90 units under development by Southwest Housing

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