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Youth Groups
Our youth groups are designed to help youth transition from hardship to leadership and a successful future. The programs promote youth voice, youth participation and youth partnership by using positive development values and philosophy. Leadership training, life-skills training and youth-led activities are provided to build initiative and involve youth in community and policy change.


  • C.H.Y.L (Creating Healthy Youth Leaders) Zone is a peer-lead group that allows youth to interact in a positive supportive environment
  • BARJ (Balanced and Restorative Justice) is a group facilitated by our Prevention program that teaches adjudicated youth the principles of restorative justice and implements a community project
  • Cornerstone group encourages youth to realize goals that will lead to a successful future

Our youth groups meet at our CYF offices at 5716 Michigan Avenue, Detroit 48210. The number is 313.963.2266. For more information about the program, please call or email us.




  • 100% satisfaction rating from youth in the program
  • More than 80% successfully complete the program
  • More than 80% of peer educators stay with program

We are committed to creating an environment and opportunities where young people can change their lives away from behaviors that are harmful to their welfare and future, and toward more hopeful prospects that also involve giving back and helping others. Youth not only learn self-responsibility and discipline, but form close relationships with staff and other youth in the program. The camaraderie, because of common struggles and goals, becomes an additional healthy support system. Youth are encouraged to plan community events and recreational activities in which their talents and enthusiasm can be expressed.

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