Youth recycle litter from Riverside Park

August 10th, 2017
Youth and staff from Southwest Solutions' Youth Assistance Program at Recycle Here! in Detroit. Front row, left to right: Yeshua, Anthony Graham, Mario, Eboni Turner, Vince McCastle, Mary Claire Lamb, and Niema. Back row, left to right: Taylor, Summer Aldred, Alessandra, Mary Joseph, Devont’a, and Citlali. Anthony, Eboni, Vince and Mary Joseph are with Southwest Solutions. Mary Claire is education director with Recycle Here!, and Summer is a volunteer there.

Young people in our Youth Assistance Program (YAP) collected discarded items at Riverside Park and then went to the Recycle Here! center, where they learned about recycling and sorted what they collected into the appropriate bins. YAP is a prevention program that assists youth who are at risk because of behaviors which would be detrimental to their future if the behaviors continued. YAP teaches constructive social and emotional skills, strengthens family bonds, and connects youth to helpful resources and their community. It serves 70 youth a year.

See the photo essay of the event on our Facebook page.

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