Neighborhood Beautification



Neighborhood Beautification

Southwest Solutions, in partnership with other organizations, is the lead agency in many initiatives to beautify and stabilize neighborhoods, particularly in southwest Detroit. Southwest Solutions organizes an annual Neighborhood Beautification Day, sponsored by NeighborWorks America, that draws hundreds of volunteers. Southwest Solutions is a Chartered Member of the NeighborWorks America network.


Southwest Solutions is engaged in a comprehensive and collaborative place-based neighborhood revitalization effort in southwest Detroit. Neighborhood Beautification Day and other beautification projects are an integral part of this effort as we engage partners, residents and other volunteers in the concerted effort to activate lots, create community gardens and art, spruce up parks, and combat blight and decay.

The 16 work sites for  Neighborhood Beautification Day 2016 were:
•    Bagley Gardens

•    Bird Habitat (UNI)
•    Cabrini Clinic
•    Go-Gtters Drop-in Center
•    Harrington Apartments 

•    Housing Resource Center
•    Hubbard Farms Community Garden
•    Lafayette Park (UNI)
•    Larkins/McGraw Early Childhood Offices
•    Michigan Avenue Business Association
•    Neinas Elementary
•    People’s Park
•    Saint Anthony’s
•    Southwest Cornerstone
•    Stanton Park
•    Western International High School

All the sites were beautified on Saturday, June 11 – designated as Neighborhood Beautification Day in southwest Detroit this year. The entire effort was part of National NeighborWorks® America Week, in which more than 200 organizations across the country put on events to improve the physical appearance of their communities.

This was the 10th consecutive year for the annual event. Once again, it was truly a collaborative effort of organizations, businesses, community groups and individuals committed to community service and the continuing revitalization of southwest Detroit.

Lead Sponsors:

  • NeighborWorks
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Quicken Loans
  • Marathon
  • The Home Depot
  • Detroit Farm and Garden
  • Sherwin-Williams

A Facebook photo essay of the event contains photos of the work at each site.



400 volunteers participated in Neighborhood Beautification Day 2015 activities

The volunteers worked in teams at 15 sites – installing flower beds and community gardens, weeding and mulching, and clearing overgrown brush and debris.

Southwest Solutions received the Bill Kitchen Award from NeighborWorks America in 2015 for its ambitious and effective neighborhood beautification activities on Neighborhood Beautification Day


To learn more about how you can help with Neighborhood Beautification Day, contact Chery Allen at 313.297.1377 or email her.


The Cloud Bridge in southwest Detroit

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