Southwest Economic Solutions
Southwest Economic Solutions
The mission of Southwest Economic Solutions (SWES) mission is to provide opportunities for individuals and families to achieve greater economic success. We promote and preserve homeownership and advance financial literacy in the community. SWES’s professional, bilingual and HUD-certified counselors provide financial fitness and credit counseling, homebuyer education, home repair loans and foreclosure prevention counseling. We can help you make good economic choices, avoid harmful debt and predatory lenders, gain wealth and the dream of homeownership, access income supports, and develop educational and employment opportunities. We have become a leader in workforce development and adult literacy services. All our services are free for eligible individuals and families. Southwest Economic Solutions was formerly known as the Housing Opportunity Center (HOC) and was part of Southwest Housing Solutions until 2013.



  • Foreclosure Intervention Counseling.  Our professional, bilingual and HUD-certified counselors are experts on the loan products and relief programs available to homeowners. We work with you and lenders to renegotiate mortgages into more manageable rates, fees and terms.
  • To help you buy and keep your home:
  • Center for Working Families. We provide expert advice to help low-income families reach financial stability, access income supports, develop educational and employment opportunities, build wealth, and move up the economic ladder.
  • PATH (Partnership. Accountability. Training. Hope.) is a blended approach (through MiWorks! agency Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation and the Michigan Department of Human Services) to help welfare applicants/recipients become self-sufficient and permanently attached to the labor force, based on the workforce needs of Michigan's current and emerging economy. The PATH Program by Sector (in partnership with Development Centers) provides Family Independence Program (FlP) applicants and recipients with employment-related services, training and supportive services to obtain and retain employment. The program offers participants education and training opportunities and job search/job readiness activities to increase the participant's income. It serves Family Independence Program (FIP) individuals from one- and two-parent families identified by the MDHS.
  • Homeless Veterans' Reintegration Program (HVRP). This program helps homeless veterans find meaningful employment so that they can be productive members of the community.
  • Adult Learning Lab. Located across from Clark Park in southwest Detroit, the Lab helps adults improve their literacy, math and computer skills so they can be better qualified for employment.
  • Earn and Learn. This program is an innovative and comprehensive model of workforce development that will help more than a thousand chronically jobless individuals in the Detroit area gain long-term employment.
  • eHome Money.This online Financial Training course can help you improve your economic situation, build or rebuild your credit, increase your financial wealth, and manage your money better. For a one-time fee of $50, you can complete the online course at your own convenience.
  • ProsperUS Detroit. This program provides entrepreneurial-training and micro-lending for Detroit residents, particularly those who are African-American, Arab-American or Latino. ProsperUS aims to help establish at least 70 new minority-owned businesses in the city.

Southwest Economic Solutions is located at the Welcome Center at 2835 Bagley, Suite 800, Detroit, MI  48216. To learn more about the services we provide, call us at 313.841.9641 or email us.




  • Provided foreclosure mitigation counseling to 580 families in 2013 and helped keep 358 in their homes directly and/or through referrals; the success rate far exceeds the national average
  • The Skillman Foundation calls our services “by far, the best and most effective foreclosure prevention program”
  • Provided first-time home-buyer counseling to 123 families in 2013; 42 bought homes
  • Our Center for Working Families (CWF) site is a national model in achieving successful outcomes; 438 CWF clients (86% all CWF clients) received at least two CWF services; 115 individuals were placed into employment
  • Provide financial counseling to 270 individuals; 118 improved their net income (44%); 88 improved their net worth; 71 improved their credit scores
  • Through the Chase Family Neighborhood Initiative, 45 parents at Maybury and Harms elementary schools participated in financial literacy classes
  • For Earn and Learn, 304 participants completed work readiness training; 506 completed occupational training; 261 were placed into subsidized employment; 236 into unsubsidized employment
  • Detroit GreenWorks Solutions graduated 52 individuals from green jobs training
  • Green Deconstruction Project deconstructed 25 homes and produced 35 jobs
  • Adult Learning Lab enrolled 266 persons in Adult Basic Education (ABE), GED preparation and ESL classes; 122 participated in ESL, 138 in GED; 13 individuals achieved their GED
  • ProsperUS Detroit has graduated 125 aspiring business-owners from entrepreneurial-training classes
  • Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program (HVRP) served 73 veterans and assisted 26 of them to find employment
  • Earn and Learn enrolled 695 participants and trained 572 in work readiness; 372 were placed into subsidized employment and 161 progressed to unsubsidized employment
  • Community Learning Partnership brought together 20 community-based and academic organizations to provide students an educational pathway to become community leaders and change agents

SWES' mission is supported by many important partnerships. Southwest Solutions is Detroit’s only chartered member of NeighborWorks® America. SWES is Michigan’s only housing counseling affiliate of the National Council of La Raza. NCLR strives to increase Hispanic homeownership and supports community organizations that serve Hispanics.


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Literacy program helps adults brighten their prospects

Jamie has begun the GED preparation program at the recently opened Wayne State University / Harris Literacy Program in southwest Detroit. Jamie’s class is one of two cohorts currently in the program. Each cohort comes two nights a week for three hours; one night for English instruction and the other night for math. The program is funded through a grant that philanthropists Mort and Brigitte Harris made to Wayne State University to support adult literacy initiatives. WSU then collaborated with Southwest Solutions to establish this new site to help adults achieve their GED.

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