Go-Getters Drop-in Center
Go-Getters Drop-In Center
Go-Getters in southwest Detroit provides a place of fellowship for men and women living with mental illness, many of whom are homeless or formerly homeless. It provides nutritious lunches, art and recreational activities, learning opportunities, recovery support groups, and important support services to help individuals in their recovery journeys and reintegration into society. Go-Getters’ staff works with persons to secure vital documentation so they can qualify for housing and benefits. Staff also works closely with Southwest Counseling to ensure that individuals receive the mental health services they need.



Go-Getters is open five days a week, Monday through Friday, from 7 AM to 2 PM. It is a warm and welcoming place, where persons in recovery from mental illness can relax, be themselves, feel accepted and safe, and find the support and encouragement that they need to rebuild meaningful lives.  Many participants describe Go-Getters as a “family,” where they feel a sense of belonging.

Programming includes support groups for men and women, recovery groups for substance use, meetings of the Bipolar Disorder Support Association of Metro Detroit, a daily walking and fitness group, music and arts and crafts classes. A nutritious lunch is served daily.   

Participants have the opportunity to help run the center, assisting with everything from conducting social activities and support groups to mentoring new members. This involvement enables participants to gain and practice social skills, and to grow in feelings of competence and self-esteem. 

Go-Getters is located at 2640 West Vernor, Detroit, 48216. For more information, contact Shirley Cockrell, who heads the program, at 313.961.0677 or email her.

Donations are an essential part of the funding for Go-Getters to support and sustain its programming. Please consider helping. Use our online donation form and write "Go-Getters" in the comments section. Or call Janette Rodriguez  at 313.297.1372.



  • Helps about 60 persons a day
  • Serves 1500 hot meals per month
  • Helped hundreds of homeless persons take their first steps toward recovery


Since it began in 1995, the staff at Go-Getters has enabled hundreds of men and women to receive the services they need to recover from mental illness. Go-Getters’ staff are in recovery from mental illness themselves, and they provide a sense of trust, hope and motivation for those they serve in the program.

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