Free truck driver and forklift training

March 2nd, 2020

Our truck driver or forklift/hi-lo training program course is free and is available to Detroit residents. Participants receive a stipend.

For the first four weeks of the program, students receive work-readiness training in computer, reading, math, job search, and soft skills. Students then receive training either to earn a Commercial Driver’s License “A” (CDLA) through the US Truck Driver Training School or a forklift/hi-lo certification through the Detroit Training Center.

You must have valid driver’s license to take the program. You must also pass a DOT Physical/Drug Test and submit to a background check. Truck driving and forklift/hi-lo are felony-friendly occupations, but there are some restrictions.

Transportation assistance, job search assistance and other supports are available to participants. Graduates of the truck driving course have the opportunity to be placed with  a major national trucking company and get further on-the-job training.

Truck drivers and forklift/hi-lo operators are in high demand and earn a good living!

Start the road to your career today! To enroll, email Jordan or call her at 313-297-0095.

Please note: We had intended to start our next class on March 23, but that has been pushed back because of COVID-19 precautions. Please use the contact information above to inquire about the start date.

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