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Foreclosure Intervention Counseling

The foreclosure intervention counseling provided by Southwest Economic Solutions is recognized as one of the leading programs of its kind in the Detroit area because of its effectiveness in helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and keep their homes. We are often the last hope for families in foreclosure. Our professional counselors are MSHDA-certified and NeighborWorks-trained and certified. We have bilingual counselors on staff. Our counselors work with homeowners and lenders to renegotiate mortgages into more manageable rates, fees and terms. These arrangements are good for homeowners, good for lenders, and good for neighborhoods because they preserve equity and property values.



Southwest Economic Solutions provides counseling services to homeowners facing mortgage delinquency or possible foreclosure. We are staffed by MSHDA and NeighborWorks-trained and certified foreclosure counselors. Our services are free. We serve homeowners throughout the metro Detroit and tri-county area.

Listed below are the forms and accompanying materials we need from you before we are able to assist you. Please download the forms and fill them out, and gather all the other documents requested.
We are required by our funders to collect all this information, so while it may seem overwhelming at first, there is a reason for all requested information and materials. The materials you provide will allow us to better understand your current situation and work more efficiently with your lender.

We require the following five (5) things:

(1) Property Tax Foreclosure Intake Packet

Included in Intake Packet:

  • Household Profile
  • Release of Information form
  • Foreclosure Prevention Privacy Policy
  • MSHDA’s Homeownership Division Counseling Agreement and Release of Information
  • Southwest Economic Solutions Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Client Authorization and Release of Information
  • Step Forward Authorization and Property Tax Assistance Form
  • Step Forward Third Party Authorization and Disclosure Agreement
  • Household Budget
  • Hardship Letter
  • Request for Transcript of Tax Return, Form 4506-T

Not included in Intake Packet, you must also provide:

  • Federal Tax Returns (1040’s) for the last 2 years filled, along with W-2’s
  • Proof of ALL household Income for the last 60 days
  • Most recent utility bills (gas or electric), with borrower’s name and address on the bill
  • Two months of the most recent monthly bank statements
  • A copy of Government-issued photo ID
  • A copy of Social Security Card
  • A copy of Delinquent Property Tax Bill
  • A copy of Current Property Tax Bill
  • A copy of the recorded deed/ recorded Quit Claim Deed

(2) HAMP Checklist
(3) Client Action Plan
(4) Client Counselor Agreement
(5) Single or Tri-Merge Credit Report

You can mail or email everything to our office:
Mail to:
Foreclosure Counselor
2835 Bagley, Suite 800
Detroit, MI 48216

- Or -

Email either:
Brandy Bankhead
Olga Ortiz-Rodriguez

If you have any questions about the requested materials, please call Lupe Zarate at (313) 841-9641.

We can often help you keep your home. But even when Southwest Economic Solutions cannot prevent the foreclosure, our counselors can assist you in many other ways, including helping you to find affordable housing and build a better financial future.

Southwest Economic Solutions is located at the Welcome Center at 2835 Bagley, Suite 800, Detroit, MI  48216. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us at 313.841.9641 or email us.




  • Provided foreclosure mitigation counseling to 580 families in 2013 and helped keep 358 in their homes directly and/or through referrals; the success rate far exceeds the national average
  • The Skillman Foundation calls our services “by far, the best and most effective foreclosure prevention program”
  • Participated in Freddie Mac’s national Borrower Help Network and partnered with Fannie Mae to provide expert foreclosure counseling to its distressed borrowers in Michigan
  • Research from NeighborWorks America shows that homeowners who receive credit counseling are 60 percent more likely to avoid foreclosure than those who are not counseled
  • 40% of those we counsel for foreclosure are also referred to our Center for Working Families
  • Good, affordable housing available for families whose mortgages cannot be renegotiated

With the generous support of leading foundations and government grants, and working in partnership with other community organizations, we have expanded our program to serve all areas in and around the city. If you are in danger of losing your home, we encourage you to call us early in the foreclosure process. We can help.


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